From the recording Accompaniment Tracks

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The air was cold, but she swore that she didn't notice
'Cause this was better than she'd felt in a long time
Not quite love, but it sure felt nice there on the grass
Sitting close to his side, listening to his heart keep time
And watching the light die
The sky grew black, but the stars were bright
And she was feeling like a bird on the first flight
Not quite wrong, and not quite right, but she so
Desperately wanted to fly

And that's the thing about giving your heart away
You never know when you'll see you're missing a piece
Until you find out too little, too late
You didn't notice that you were bleeding
Now the life is gone from your eyes
You're just a memory frozen in time
And that's the thing about giving your heart away
Giving your heart away

Her hands would shake, when she said goodbye
She never meant to hurt a heart that was so kind
Searching for words to apologize
With her mistakes burning bright in his eyes
Unwelcome tears that he'd try to fight spilling out
Slowly running him dry


Said it was love, but I didn't believe him
Feel like I'm locked inside without a key, and
If I could only collect all the pieces
That I have given up
Maybe it'd be enough