From the recording Accompaniment Tracks

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This might be hard to say, but I will do my best
To tell it just the way that I remember it
Might not be sugar sweet, might be a little messy
Not who I want to be, but how You found me then

So I’ll tell them who You are, and what You’ve done for me
When I took it all apart, fallen and fumbling
Your spirit gave me life, illuminated the night
You broke me open wide, to let Your light shine in

Sometimes You boom like the blast from a cannon
And sometimes You come like the rush of a wave
And sometimes You move like wind on the water
With barely a sound or a sign that You came
However You come, I am never the same, never the same

More than a little bit, this passion overwhelms
My very soul within and I’ve got to let it out
I want to make You known with every breath in my lungs
Until there’s nothing more, until the work is done


Now all I want to do is tell everybody how
Your love has overcome the deepest of my needs and I
Could never quite express the way that you’ve changed me now
But I will do my best, yes I will do my best