From the recording Accompaniment Tracks

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I am so like a bird in flight
I try to build my home
I set my eyes on anything that shines
And tells me it will make me whole

I stack the walls surrounding me with promises and pretty things
But when I see what winter brings, I fly

And as it turns out, this fickle heart in my chest
Sometimes it beats for everything but what is best
And when I turn down this voice I hear in my head
I give You room to speak and offer life instead
So take all of these idols, all of these idols and lay them to rest
So take all of these idols, all of my idols

And all this time, addicted, I
Desperate for more and more
I chase the high, but every single time
I come down lower than before

These empty words are on repeat and I can see they're killing me
But still I find that I believe the lies


I am a well run dry
I am a clouded, starless sky
Without Your breath of life
I would surely die
But You gave your life for mine